Where can I buy Texas Taste Barbeque Sauce?

Texas Taste Barbecue Sauce is currently distributed nationally through our website. However, If you would like your local grocery store to carry it, let them know and they may order it for you and your neighborhood

What should I use Texas Taste Barbeque Sauce on?

To get that good ole down-home flavor you been missing you can use Texas Taste Barbecue Sauce on everything from ribs, brisket, links, sausage, chicken, steak, hamburgers, hot dogs, coon, opossum, armadillo or any other critter you might have a taste for.  And to add to you taste list, its garden pickin’ good on any kind of salad.

When barbequing meats, when should I add Texas Taste Barbeque Sauce?

When you finish and your meat is still hot and ready to eat then add heated Texas Taste BBQ Sauce to the meat.  Listen, when someone tells you to add sauce while the meat is cooking, you’re getting some bad smoke being blown at you.  Back in the day, nobody put sauce on meat till it was done cooking, that’s why sauce wasn’t thick back then.  If the sauce is the right texture, the sauce will soak into the meat and the combination of the flavor of the sauce and the flavor of the meat will compliment each other giving you that great BBQ taste you really want.

Do I need to refrigerate Texas Taste Barbeque Sauce?

After opening, we recommend that you refrigerate Texas Taste Barbeque Sauce.

How long can I keep Texas Taste Barbeque Sauce after I open it?

After opening, we suggest keeping it for no longer than 6-9 months. Always refrigerate sauce after it is opened.

Is there a minimum order?

No, Texas Taste does not require a minimum order.

Can I mix and match the barbeque sauces to make up my own special case?

Currently we only allow evenly distributed 12 bottle combo case packs which contains four (4) each of our three currently distributed BBQ Sauces.

What if my product arrives broken?

Because our products are packed in glass, there is a risk that damage due to shipping could occur. We take many precautions to prevent damage. However, in the event that you receive an item that has been damaged, please contact us and we will replace the item or issue a credit in the correct amount. If you realize that the product has been damaged upon delivery, please advise the UPS driver. 

What if I want my Order Rushed?

UPS offers a variety of delivery options. When you are either adding items to your grill or viewing your grill you may choose an option that best suits your needs. You may use the handy “estimate shipping charges” to help make your decision. 

How much is shipping?

You actual shipping cost will be shown on your invoice when you make your purchase and enter your zip code at our online store
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