The Story of Texas Taste

“Texas Taste Original BBQ Sauce” was actually born in 1996 in Samaria, Texas on eight acres of land owned by Charles and Janice Preston that they dubbed “Preston Farms”.  Determined to enjoy and share the taste he had known as a young boy eating barbecue back in the 1940’s and 50’s on the family home place in Winkler, Charles Preston created Texas Taste BBQ Sauce and gave new life to that old fashion down-home barbeque sauce flavor for all to enjoy.            
The Man Who  Created  Texas Taste

Charles Preston was born December 15, 1944, in Winkler, Texas a small sharecropping community on the Trinity River in Freestone County, the only child born to Dan and Carrie Preston.  Charles recalls the old days of eating sugar cane while the family made syrup at his uncle’s syrup mill, licking salt on the pole in the cow pen while his father’s cows licked on the other side, but most of all he lights up when he talks about the meat his uncle barbequed and the sauce that made everything from coon to ribs taste better than good.  Never having the old family recipe, Charles set out to re-create that old fashion BBQ sauce flavor and Texas Taste was the result

The Woman Who Named It Texas Taste

Janice Preston, called “JP” by Charles (only), was born Janice Hightower on March 6, 1951 in Phoenix, Arizona the eldest daughter of Edward and Flora Hightower.  When she was just a child her mother and father would come in many nights with BBQ from the local BBQ Stop.  She always remembered it as a treat and as she grew older, she found out that the BBQ Stop was owned by a family from Texas.  Once the family closed their place there was never another place around town equal to the taste of the sauce they made.  When Janice married Charles (who loved to cook and was also from Texas) they joined together to re-invent the taste they both remembered as kids,  Charles putting the ingredients together, Janice tasting, and tasting, and tasting until one day, there it was, the Texas Taste they had been looking for.  Janice knew right then no other name would do for their sauce other than “Texas Taste”.

Taste Tested and Widely Used

Using their delicious new sauce Charles and Janice began serving barbeque around Kerns and Corsicana, to domino players and fishermen on the lakes up in Fort Worth, beach goers in Galveston, gamblers and hotel guest in Louisiana, family and friends at get-togethers in Georgia, longshoremen in Charleston, South Carolina, soccer players and their families at the University of Maryland Baltimore, and to everyone else who caught the smell or got a taste.  Today, all meats ask for it by name!

We are pleased to provide our Texas Taste BBQ Sauces to be enjoyed by you, your family, as well as your friends and neighbors.  Enjoy!

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